Ecopods~ A Home on the Go

I was absolutely amazed when I saw the features of this eco-designed home! It is made from recycled materials, has a built in solar panel, and has a small ecological footprint. In addition, this unit closes up and can relocate from site to site. For those of you that are “on the go” travelers this may be just the perfect home for you. The link below will take you to the designers site and includes many more detailed photos of the Ecopod’s interior.


Rubber Mulch: Safer playgrounds

Rubber Mulch: Safer playgrounds, Landscape Rubber Mulch and Surefoot Arena Rubber Footing.

Recycled tires used at children’s playgrounds!!  Zach and I recently saw numerous playgrounds in the Madison area that are covered with recycled tire mulch. This seemed to be softer and more resistant than wood chips, sand, pebbles, etc. The mulch can improve overall safety for children while playing, while there are also other options like soft play areas which you can get from sites like

Today, I am researching where I would like to recycle my tires from my vehicle. Piling them up in a landfill will not be the best option for me. This site provides information about the types of products that are being made from recycled tires.

Extreme window sticker: Tesla Roadster 2.5 estimated at 119 MPGe

Tesla MPGe

At an event in Palo Alto this afternoon, the Environmental Protection Agency EPA announced its new window stickers to be implement on 2013 models, and Tesla Motor shared a mock-up what its Tesla Roadster 2.5 fuel economy label will look like once officially released.The sticker for the Roadster 2.5 shows 119 miles per gallon equivalent: 112 MPGe on the highway and 124 MPGe in the city. In addition, it shows the Tesla Roadster will go 245 miles on an eight-hour charge. The EPA’s 245-mile figure is what Tesla uses for its own range claims. We haven’t tested the $120,000 sports car, so can’t vouch for either the range or energy usage figures.In the emissions section of the fuel economy label, the Roadster scores a perfect “10” in both greenhouse gas and smog ratings. However, those ratings don’t count emissions from the powerplants that produce electricity for the car. How clean the source energy is really depends on where you live.

via Extreme window sticker: Tesla Roadster 2.5 estimated at 119 MPGe.

U.S. Department of Energy Announces Expanded Partnership with Industry to Advance Next-Generation Automotive Technologies

US Drive
Washington, DC – U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced U.S. DRIVE, a cooperative partnership with industry to accelerate the development of clean, advanced, energy-efficient technologies for cars and light trucks and the infrastructure needed to support their widespread use. This partnership is part of DOE’s broad strategy to expand the availability of advanced vehicles to American families to help protect them from future spikes in gas prices and reduce our nation’s reliance on imported oil. Formerly known as the FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership, U.S. DRIVE – Driving Research and Innovation for Vehicle efficiency and Energy sustainability – brings together top technical experts from DOE, the national laboratories, and industry partners to identify critical research and development (R&D) needs, develop technical targets and strategic roadmaps, and evaluate R&D progress on a broad range of advanced vehicle and energy infrastructure technologies.

“Government-industry partnerships like U.S. DRIVE can quicken the pace at which affordable, fuel-efficient vehicles reach and succeed in the commercial market,” said U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu.   “By bringing together the best and brightest in government and the automobile, electric utility, and fuels industries, we can develop promising, innovative technologies that move rapidly from the lab into cars on the road, along with the infrastructure to support them.”

Today’s announcement of U.S. DRIVE marks the addition of two new members that bring additional focus on electric-drive vehicle technologies to the partnership.  The Electric Power Research Institute and Tesla Motors will join DOE and long-standing industry partners that have renewed their strong commitments to collaborative, pre-competitive R&D.

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