Extreme window sticker: Tesla Roadster 2.5 estimated at 119 MPGe

Tesla MPGe

At an event in Palo Alto this afternoon, the Environmental Protection Agency EPA announced its new window stickers to be implement on 2013 models, and Tesla Motor shared a mock-up what its Tesla Roadster 2.5 fuel economy label will look like once officially released.The sticker for the Roadster 2.5 shows 119 miles per gallon equivalent: 112 MPGe on the highway and 124 MPGe in the city. In addition, it shows the Tesla Roadster will go 245 miles on an eight-hour charge. The EPA’s 245-mile figure is what Tesla uses for its own range claims. We haven’t tested the $120,000 sports car, so can’t vouch for either the range or energy usage figures.In the emissions section of the fuel economy label, the Roadster scores a perfect “10” in both greenhouse gas and smog ratings. However, those ratings don’t count emissions from the powerplants that produce electricity for the car. How clean the source energy is really depends on where you live.

via Extreme window sticker: Tesla Roadster 2.5 estimated at 119 MPGe.

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