Artha Sustainable Living Center- Amherst, WI


Artha: solar water heating training and instruction, herbal and yoga workshops and retreats in Wisconsin and USA, Bed and Breakfast in Wisconsin.

I was very delighted to have come across the Artha Sustainable Living Center located in Amherst, WI. Artha offers green living retreats that include hands-on- workshops in solar water heating, yoga, and herbs. In addition, there is a bed and breakfast that may serve well for weddings and large gatherings.

Freedom Solar Roofing- located in Wisconsin



The Freedom Solar Roofing system is designed to serve a dual purpose of roofing and power generation. While most systems are designed to sit on top of your roof and need to be removed at great expense in order to re-roof your home, the Freedom Solar Roofing system becomes part of your roof and does not need to be removed or replaced during re-roofing.

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Wisconsin Public Television

I’m big into the local food movement, and getting really connected to where we live via food.

via Wisconsin Public Television.

It’s amazing the variety of plants and herbs that can be found in our backyards. There is a helpful book named, “A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants.” The book contains numerous photos and detailed descriptions of the plant or herb you are researching. This can be beneficial to someone that is interested in wild plants and herbs that are grown in your community.

12-Year Old’s Solar Cell Absorbs 500 Times the Light of Existing Cells

Solar Rays

William Yuan, a 12-year old boy from Beaverton, Oregon, has developed a new 3D solar cell which if it ever gets commercialized could seriously change the face of solar power. Though he was encouraged in his research from his middle school science teacher, this is no mere school science experiment: the Davidson Institute has awarded Yuan a $25,000 scholarship for his research.

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Experiment Confirms Space-Time Vortex Around Earth




In the early 1900s, Albert Einstein postulated a theory of gravitation he called Relativity. In it, he said a bunch of seemingly crazy things about light bending, objects with mass dragging space and time along with them, and how the universe is hurtling away from itself–an expansion occurring at the speed of light. According to NASA, another facet of his theory has now been verified.

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